Stabat Mater


STABAT MATER narrates how a kid who dreamt of a normal life, become a young gangster.

It’s a hard story, essential, dramatic, yet full of funny, ironic and sweet moments. Timeless, like a fairy tale, but in a fully realistic set. It takes place in the beautiful, sneaky and chaotic town of Bari Vecchia (Old Bari), but it’s a universal tale.

The 13-year old Riccardo is word out by a drug-addicted mother (Maja) and a 9-month old brother (Giulio), to whom he must act like a father. He is prisoner of his own destiny, on the path of crime, but he dreams of a normal life. To fulfil this dream, Riccardo makes a tough and painful decision, but in the end the only one who benefits is the person chosen as the “sacrificial lamb”: his baby brother Giulio.

On the contrary, Riccardo will end up being victim of himself, defeated by his own destiny.



Director: Gianni Cardillo | Producer: Edoardo Rossi | Production company: OneManDoingThings | Location: Bari Vecchia/Italy | 

Total Budget: 1.8M
Length: 100 minutes
Budget in place: 30%  Soft Money / Local Incentives
World Sales: No
Script: Original
Status: In Finance development stage. Apulia Development Film Fund already confirmed!

Seeks: International Co-Producers, sales agents, distributors and broadcasters.


Best Screenplay at Amsterdam Film Festival, NY Film Contest, LA FilmFestival and Silver European Independent Film

Selected at Apulia Film Forum 2018 and Series Lab 2019