The Nu Latam Sound


The Nu Latam Sound is a Documentary Series which will drive through the avenues of the metropolis in order to reach the roads of little towns where local indigenous music sounds still live. It is a pursuit of new voices and their origins, a tour through jungles, deserts, coasts, and mountains, through which Latin American sound veins flow.

Dive into a road movie across the route of Latin American sounds. A true encounter with traditional musicians and young interpreters of the new scene, engaged in rewriting the history of Latin American music by mixing ancestral and contemporary music.

TNLS introduces a new perspective connected to the past, present and future of Latin American music culture, the consequences of globalization and the struggle for their own identity.



Director: Pablo Mensi | Producers: Edoardo Rossi – Diego Ramirez – Grant C. Dull | Production companies: OneManDoingThings – 64-A Films – Zizek Records | Locations: Colombia, 1st Chapter

Total Budget: 120.000USD
Season: 5
Chapters per season: 6
Length: 30 minutes
World Sales: No
Concept/Script: Original
Status: In Finance development stage. 

Seeks: International Co-Producers, sales agents, distributors and broadcasters.